Layout Video Tours

Here is a video showing the basic operation of my layout puzzle. My daughter ran the train for me while I filmed. I recorded some audio of the mill while I was showing them the layout the other day. The whistle you hear (repeatedly) was the "end of lunch, back to work" call.

Just for giggles, a screen shot of the video editing process:

I had a tough time of saying "good enough". I'm always catching "one more thing" that needs tweaking. It takes 15 minutes to render the video, and more than an hour to upload it! Unless you see a glaring spelling mistake, I don't want to know about it.

With a 10 minute length limit on Youtube, I also had to leave out some of the historical tidbits I had in the earlier version, which you can still watch below.

Youtube is also getting more possessive about music, so I left it out this time, hoping instead that the UMG clowns don't own the copywright to Stan Kistler's 1959 "Whistles in the Woods".

Here is the layout at night, complete with prototypical Willamette Valley frogs:
Here is the earlier version which, depending on Youtube's lawyer's whims, may or may not have audio commentary and some historical facts:

Here is a video tour of the electronics setup I used for the Model Logger's Congress:

You can see my footage of actual train operations at the mill before they quit running down to there in 2007.


  1. Beautiful job, Ken!

    I'm guessing you have magnets under the track for the uncoupling?

    Also, regarding the coupler, switch, and engine sounds in the video, were these laid in or are they being generated on the layout?

  2. I'm using Microtrain couplers with home made magnets under the track (see The video edits some of the uncoupling troubles we had.

    The sound is in three layers:
    - MRC sound module of train engine.
    - Added MRC sound clips of couple/decouple.
    - Added sawmill background sound.

  3. really nice work ..... Thanks for posting and sharing

  4. Ditto...very nice modeling and virtual layout too!

  5. Saw the article in RMC, came here to your website and I am impressed. I just finished laying track for my own version of Dawson Station. Thanks for the inspiration.

  6. I was able to see this layout in Roseburg several years ago. Very nice !