Links and Resources

Here are a few of the real gems I've found on the net:

Carl Roper's "Evolution of a N Gauge - 3x5 layout", a nice introduction to basic construction and realistic operation of a small, portable layout.

Carl Arendt's "Micro / Small Layouts", a wonderful collection of big ideas for small layouts. Dawson Station has been featured there more than once!

Adrian Wymann's "Model Railway Shunting Puzzles", everything you needed to know about railroad puzzles.

Stephan Besier's Whitee River and Southern, an beautiful HO layout based on the Willamette Valley, but located in Europe!

N-Scale Supply, after my local hobby shop, my favorite model supplier.

Hull-Oakes photos and reference drawings, courtesy of my uncle, Sam.

Internet Inglenook Version on which I spend many hours before building my own (works in IE or Chrome, but not FF).

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  1. Hi Ken,

    You don't happen to know if Jack Hill is still around? I'm on his blog but he hasn't posted for a long while.

    Regards Daryl Blake