Rolling Stock

It only takes six cars to make the puzzle interesting:

UP260114 - This 60' 8" Thrall® centerbeam flat car with I-beam construction is painted UP box car red with white lettering. It is one of a fleet of 120 cars built in 1988 by the Thrall Car Manufacturing Company. The manufacturer replaced their ‘opera-style’ partition with I-beam construction in an effort to reduce car weight while increasing load limit. The lighter construction created some potential instability, however, so the car bears the safety warning, ‘Car may fall over. Maintain equal weight on each side of car during loading and unloading.’

TTZX86090 - The Thrall Car Manufacturing Co. of Chicago, Illinois built this 60' 8'' Thrall centerbeam flat car in July 1986. It is painted yellow with black lettering and is operated by Trailer Train. 'TTZX' encodes the fact that the car is a 100-ton bulkhead car equipped with a center partition and winch-type tie down system for carrying lumber products.

WPRR74002 "Ducks" - Gunderson flatside 100 ton woodchip car

WPRR74003 "Dare", a gift from my friend Bob from Illinois

WPRR7401 "Beavers" - ex SP 355113, blt 1974

SP 4745 - C-50-9 Steel bay-window caboose, another gift from Bob!

Blog entry on SP Caboose.

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