Prototype Vehicles

By far the most prolific vehicle seen at Hull-Oakes is the Gerlinger Straddle Carrier. The number on the side indicates there are at least 10 of them, and they all predate WWII.

Forklifts are used to move stacks and load trucks.

Here is a logging truck. They have a number of restored ones that they take to truck shows.

This massive monster is used to unload logging trucks and is parked next to the pond.

I've spotted this vintage Mac in a different location every time I've been to the mill. Bill Oakes told us it is used to spray the road in summer to keep the dust down.

This tracked vehicle looks like a skidder of some sort. You tell me!

Take a look at my modeled vehicles here.


  1. The "monster" in the fifth photo is wonderful, I have never seen a similar one, when I lived in Denver , I lived next to a Sawmill, but I had not seen this kind of trucks !

  2. The "monster" in the 5th photo is a Wagner log loader. Wheels of Time makes a container version of this loader in N scale. I have thought about taking one of the WoT loaders and kitbashing the grapples for my sawmill.

    The last photo of a Lima line shovel. These were replaced when hydraulic shovels came out. You can still find these lying around in sawmills or equipment yards from time to time but most have meet the cutting torch.

  3. The last photo is indeed a Lima cable Shovel with a log loader's Heel Boom on it. its used for loading logs onto trucks or rail cars. Some have been replaced, but for low resource outfits, they still load logs just fine, just not as fast as the new hydraulic loaders.

    1. Thanks. You guys are an awesome resource. Would love to see on in action!