Detail Photos

(Updated December '09)
Starting on the far left-hand side, we see rural Oregon at its finest. An abandoned kite in the tree show that children live nearby.

The tracks pass a boy in a tire swing accompanied by his faithful dog. The mother is waiting for her husband, who works at the nearby mill, to come home for lunch.

A tree house built from scraps is occupied by my daughter who picked out the color and painted it. I think that is a blanket next to her. No telling what she has dragged up there.

With the downturn in the housing market, the small lumber yard is starting to fill up with excess inventory. After the economy picks up, it will be like money in the bank.

The loading shed, used for boxcars in the 1950s, now stores lumber out of the weather.

Chips from various parts in the plan are transfered to the loader using low-pressure air. A motor and chain pulls the car back and forth to load it evenly. You will have to keep an eye on it or it will overflow.

The lunch shack with runners still attached showing evidence of lumber camp use in a prior life.

A worker sits near his idle straddle-carrier while waiting for lunch to finish. You are now at the far right-hand end of the layout, and we have just reached the actual mill building.

There are a lot more details, but for now, how about a video tour?

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  1. Cool tree house! The first thing that blew me away in your layout was the background photos of the cloudy foothills. I hope you post somewhere on how you used HP printing magic to do that