Fresh Rolling Stock

My friend Bob sent me a beautiful addition to the stable, fixing what was the weak link in my line up. Here it is, fresh out of the box, Microtrain's C-50-9 Caboose SP# 4745.

And here it is again after a little work. It has been weathered and some roof details added.
Just for reference, here is what it replaced. A major upgrade!

Thanks Bob!


  1. Hi! Ken,
    Thank you for giving access to your wonderful railroad and site. I have a question: On the roof of your caboose, you have placed 2 tripods, both different. What are their purposes please?

    Thanks again.

    Colin, London, England

  2. I had to quiz the folks over at the Yahoo PNWR Group ( a while back to figure that out. The one with a flat horizontal circle is a radio antenna, and the other holds forward & rearward facing marker lights.