1200 YouTube views in 24 hours

It amazes me how many people have watched the videos I've put up on YouTube about my various projects. Just yesterday Sparkfun, an electronics supplier I frequent, published a blog post featuring a video I did showing how I did the electronics on the model railroad layout. Twenty-four hours later more than 1200 people have check the video out. It is not quite millions like Merton the Chat Roulette piano player, but still amazing! Here are my top videos with their "views" and how long the've been up:

7,700 - Buggy, a Crafty LED Project (1 year ago).
4,400 - Dawson Station (5 months ago).
4,100 - Arduino Control of a Model Train (2 weeks ago).
4,100 - Arduino Rocks (2 years ago, only 11 seconds long).
3,100 - Game of Life - 10 Boards (1 year ago).
2,900 - Wii Nunchuk Controlled Model Train (2 months ago).
2,500 - Dawson Station Update (2 months ago).

Update 3/30 -> 4,100 views!
Update 4/07 -> 6,300 views.

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