Electronics at the Station

I put together a video to demonstrate the electronic controls I used for the Model Logger's Congress.


  1. This is very cool. I've been working with using the Arduino to control traffic signals and the like on my layout, but am only very early in my experimentation. Stevenh has been working on some very similar projects to yours on his blog http://modelrail.otenko.com/
    I look forward to seeing how this project comes along.

  2. Do you have a write up on this project? I'm just getting started on my similar project. Motor shield just arrived, got to solder it...

  3. I did an Instructable. Hopefully that is what you are after:

  4. Hello,
    First of all your project is great! You have superior control and it looks to work fantastically. Secondly, I have all the parts sitting in front of me, but sadly your program won't compile let along upload. It looks like with the update to arduino 1.0, your sketch won't work any longer. Were you planning to update it?

    Thank You,


    1. Mark, I think I was using Arduino version 17 back then. Download that and give it a try compiling.

  5. Ken,
    Thank you for your quick response! It turns out it was my own lack of knowledge in the Arduino, that stopped anything from working. I had several versions of the software on the computer and several versions of your software and the libraries that were needed. Its finally working well! The only confusion I had with your instructable is that I percieved the "M1" motor terminals to be between one of the terminals and ground, not both terminals of M1. It works great!

    Thanks again,