State of the Station 2013

I detoured a bit on the way home from a camp out to see what was going on at the mill. It was Saturday, but the parking lot was full and the familiar sounds of lumber being sawed was going full blast.

  A really big order ready to go out, stored in a convenient location.

 I had not noticed this sign by the scaling station. It says, "Est. 1910"!

 One of the pond monkeys high and dry for maintenance.

This is how the chips get out now. I need to add a scale model of this to the layout!

Their yard is full, waiting for building season.

This is just East of the lumber storage yard. I was kind of shocked to see how tall the saplings are. Has it been that long since the last train past here? 2013 - 2007 = 6 years!

I've been invited to show the layout at the Eugene Maker Faire on June 15th. I'm looking forward to introducing Hull-Oakes to a new generation.

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