More Construction Pictures

This is the start of a second page of construction photos. Earlier photos can be found here.

The front input was expanded to include an additional RJ45 jack for the MRC sound module. This led to the meltdown reported here. LEDs show status of 12V, 5V, audio amplifier, and light sensors (April '10).

I've put a speaker in each corner. The left hand speaker plays the MRC sound module train sounds, and the right speaker the mill sounds (April '10).

The underside has gotten a bit complicated. This shows the center section. The boards, from left to right, include the turnout circuits, 12V distribution, sensor multiplexer, 5V regulator (not currently used), and 5V distribution. The front panel RJ45 connectors are at the bottom right (April '10).

Enclosure for the controllers. The switch on the side cuts the rx/tx line for when I reprogram the boards (April '10).

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