Willamette Cascade Model Railroad Club Train Show

Here are a few "non-Dawson Station" pictures from the 22nd Annual Willamette Cascade Model Railroad Club Train Show & Swap Meet in Eugene, Oregon. It was the largest train event I've been to, and quite the experience.
This is the main room. There were two other rooms. The array of merchandise was amazing and ranged all scales and interests.

Besides my layout, there were three other setups. There was a well done Ntrack modular layout called the A&P.

However there was some questionable track work on their layout.

Honest advertising. The displays ranged from serious vendors to people just trying to clean out their basement.

Miles and miles of HO scale cars, all reasonably priced!

The other layouts were the Oregon Electric O-Gaugers from Albany, Oregon, and Clay's Trailer-n-Train layout from Lebanon, Oregon.

In all, a pretty amazing event. You can read my other post about the show here.

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